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Underground Shelters

Underground shelters may be essential for long-term survival. And this is especially true for those known as survivalists. A shelter built underground gives higher odds of your being able to survive a major disaster whether man made, such as a nuclear bomb explosion or air raid, or a natural disaster such as the resulting disastrous aftermath of a tornado or other worst case scenarios.

Underground Shelters
Underground shelters provide protection
Some people use their underground homes as underground fallout shelters. Others who have underground or earth bermed homes will have an additional underground shelter for added protection. This could be a wing below and/or to the side of the underground home or a separate facility in a nearby location.

People who are planning to build underground shelters need to ensure that they hire a contractor or an institution that has a very good track record for building shelters. Keep in mind that you need to need a company that will build your shelter with care and long term durability.

This is because a good shelter will be able to protect you not just from natural disasters but also from chemical, biological, nuclear or naturally destructive events such as fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and the like.

High and Dry ...

The most ideal location for building a shelter underground is to select a hill, or anywhere that has a gradual incline or a slope. This is so that your shelter will be able to benefit form the natural flow of air and remain high and dry.

If you are located near a coastline of a body of water, you might want a shelter built inward nearer the land which is an area that is safer. You can have a shelter stocked full of water, food, supplies and anything else you prefer.

An example of a basic bomb shelter is one that is twenty-seven feet long and eight feet in diameter (pictured above), surrounded by a quarter of an inch thick heavy duty steel bars and concrete. This is similar of the interior dimensions of a submarine and has similar features and characteristics.

If You Like It Then You Should Have Put a Lock on It ...

Included in a basic underground bunkers are an emergency lockable exit. You are also provided with a ladder entrance which is also lockable. There are lockable valves for air which creates both a water proof and an air tight interior. There is a twenty-ton jack system emergency hatch opening. Paint is also a feature, which is created with a special formula for both the interior and the exterior of the shelter.

Storage shelves give you the capacity to store food for many years to come. Some shelters also give you the option of purchasing the shelter with food included. There are anodes of protective metal which prevents rust. A wooden floor runs down the middle of the shelter which has a carpet on it. The floor is about six inches in height.

But, Wait, There's More ...

Additional features include a high head room about seven and a half feet. There is a one low-volume toilet included in a basic shelter unit and a shower which you need to provide water for. A large food preparation area or kitchen is also included, along with two beds and two bunks.

Underground shelters such as this one can accommodate between four and five people. Where underground homes are built for comfort and energy savings, most underground shelters are built to withstand a cataclysmic event. If you happen to have converted an old decommissioned missile silo into an underground home, then you'll have the best of both worlds.

Underground Data Center
Underground data centers provide protection for humans & computer systems.
You can set up a secure data storage system in a remote protected location as many large companies already do.

Underground shelters are perfect for executive or VIP protection as well. You can also have a backup commanding post set up or even just a retreat. Some companies that specialize in shelters that are built underground use heavy duty steel that is both water tight and air tight, depending on your specifications.

So, no matter what the budget or need, underground shelters are a reality that make sense for many people.