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Advantages of Underground Homes

The advantages of underground homes and houses that are earth sheltered or bermed are many as you will soon see.

While owning an underground home or one that is partially sheltered by earth is not for everyone there are some particular advantages, both practical and psychological worth noting.
Underground Home Advantages
Two Partially Underground Homes

Of course there will be naysayers and we like to give fair coverage here. So, I've also put up a disadvantages of underground homes and earth sheltered houses page so that you can weigh for yourself the pros and cons.

Top 20 Advantages

  • Less building material
  • Less labor
  • Less property tax
  • Warm in winter
  • Cool in summer
  • Energy Efficient
  • Pipes don't freeze
  • Increased yard space
  • Fallout shelter
  • Cuts down on atmospheric radiation
  • Better shelter from storms
  • Home fortress and defense
  • Concealment and privacy
  • Sound proof
  • More fireproof
  • Long lasting
  • Insurance Breaks
  • Less maintenance
  • Abundant Natural light if desired
  • Good view if built right

So, these are the top 20 advantages of an underground or earth sheltered home. Let's go over them quickly. Less building material is needed because most underground homes are relatively simple in design. The materials mean less labor and lower costs to build the house.

Because the earth sheltered home costs less to build it is generally appraised at a lower price and thus property taxes will be lower. Because Mother Earth keeps the lower levels of ground below the frost line in the 50's F, this means less cooling in the summer is needed as well as less heat in the winter, which means they are very energy efficient. It also means that your pipes don't freeze at these temperatures.

Because underground and earth bermed homes can have grass, yard or garden on top or partially on top of them, this means more space for planting whatever you wish. Some people like to think of underground homes as fallout shelters which they are.

The house will cut down on natural atmospheric radiation from solar flares and other such outer space phenomena. The earth bermed home is also a robust shelter from storms that bring tornadoes and hail.

Sheep Security System

Concealment and privacy is gained with underground homes. An intruder will generally have fewer entrances and exits and the grounds are easier to monitor. The entire home is a panic room if needed. Also, you'll have privacy from neighbors if you like to bang on your drums all day or scream at the spouse and kids at night.

Being made of concrete, steel, PVC pipe or other non-flammable materials, underground and earth sheltered homes don't catch fire and continue to burn as easily as above ground homes. Because these homes are sheltered from storms, fires and the wear and tear other houses have to endure, you'll usually get insurance breaks as the structures will last longer and be repaired less (less maintenance).

Having an underground or earth bermed home doesn't mean that you've fallen down the Rabbit Hole and can't get back up, Alice. You don't have to give up your view, if the home is constructed with a view in mind.

Let There Be Light!

For instance, many underground homes have skylights and will even use mirrors to reflect and ocean or mountain view. Earth sheltered homes can point the one exposed side towards the most favorable view. And with a good view, skylight, mirrors and windows, comes as much natural light as you need.

So, this has been a quick overview of the top 20 advantages of owning or buying and underground or earth sheltered home. Of course, you may find even more benefits that suit your own quirky personality that I haven't listed here. The point is that even when living partly under the earth you can be as creative and flexible as you want to be.